Here's what people are saying about Tish's talents:

"Tish is a marketing monster. Her dedication is exceeded only by her ability. The fact that she has gotten so many excellent sponsorships for 3 Kisses is a testament to this. These are not just some esoteric ideas from some writer in an ivory tower that doesn't know how to implement on their own. What you're being told -- these are down-in-the-streets, nitty-gritty instructions on how to get sponsored. Take the lessons given in this book to heart, because they work."
- Robert Stuckey
Texas Independent Musicians, Director
"Every time I've had 3 Kisses in the studio with me, it's been like a burst of energy just walked into the room. I'm not just talking about the band's very energetic music; I'm also referring to the huge amount of energy that has to be invested in order to have a successful band. And when it comes to getting sponsorships and endorsements, Tish Meeks is the queen. She doesn't let little things like "I don't know what to do or how to do it" get in the way of diving in and making things happen! She's an inspiration and a great help to up and coming bands."
- Loris Lowe
Music Director KLBJ 93.7 FM, Austin, TX
"Tish is an unbelievable resource! She has one of the best business senses in a musician I have ever seen! Her advice is priceless. Having sponsorships really legitimize you as an artist and you don't have to wait until you have that big record deal to get one. Listen to Tish and get going!!!"
- Celeste Terrell
"I will say this about Tish Meeks as a personal friend of mine and having shared so many shows together with EDEN BURNING and 3 KISSES.... The girl is the most driven and smartest woman I have ever known to work in the local music scene. She has gotten more free stuff from endorsement deals than anyone I have ever known in signed situations."

- Phil Salazar / Eden Burning
"Tish Meeks is a genius at marketing and promoting bands. She's made me realize that there's so much more to promoting a band than just making flyers and running a mailing list. Our fan base has grown since I've known her. My band has also received some great endorsements thanks to Tish's advice. I realized that endorsements aren't reserved just for the mega touring bands. Almost anyone can get one with a little effort."

- Ted James / Deep Eddy Records [Owner]
Guitarist - Nematoads