The new book by Tish Meeks

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This is the first resource of its kind to become available to artists and is written from the point of view of an artist who has made it all happen. It is simple, concise and easy to follow and will give you the tools and confidence you need to experience success in landing sponsorship and endorsement deals.

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The tips contained in How to get Band Sponsorships and Endorsements have been effectively utilized by Tish Meeks, lead singer of the independent Texas Party Punk band, 3Kisses. This how-to guide gives you a step by step approach to position your act as an advertising asset to companies whose products you are already using.

Tish discloses her secrets in this e-book that have lead to over a dozen sponsorship and endorsement deals for her band and shows you how to get similar results by following her advice. You will learn:

  • How to effectively position yourself in today’s market of independent musicians and make yourself stand out.
  • How to determine the right sponsorships and endorsements for your project.
  • How to approach companies with a strategy that will be beneficial to them and overcome objections.
  • How to build and maintain professional relationships by promising only what you can deliver and pinpointing the unique benefits your band already has to offer.

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Below are just a sample of some of the endorsements and sponsors that Tish Meeks was able to obtain for her band, 3Kisses, using the same techniques she discusses in her new book, How To Get Band Sponsorships & Endorsements :